Patio Gallery

As I make progress I'll post new images to show the new hawtness.

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Pot Gallery

Here is a collection of the pots I have on my patio. Always a work in progress.

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Plant Gallery

Individual images of the plants I love.

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So Planting your patio... eh?

I've always loved plants. I had a HUGE yard at my last place but never had the desire or the funds to do anything with it. For the desire I think it's a symptom of a palette that was huge. For sketch books I do much better with smaller books.

But this patio has me all excited to get back to planting. Should be a fun journey.


Now What?!

Take a peek at my pages, blog and image gallery. It's very much a changing beast and changes usually happen in spurts, so don't fret something new and exciting will eventually be posted